9 fancy things you can do on a cruise

9 fancy things you can do on a cruise

I think of cruising like an adventure, a sea adventure if you will. If you’ve never been on one you definitely need to consider, it is fun stuff mostly.
To me, nothing compares to the thrill of the seas. On the deck watching miles of sea unfold before my very eyes swaying gently – when a storm isn’t brewing – the gentle sea breeze gliding through my hair, and the dolphins dancing off the breaking waves of the ship in organized fashion. It is priceless.
Only on a cruise ship can you witness it like that. Well, except you are the great captain Jack Sparrow of course, then you can claim to have better tales of the sea.
So what are you doing on your next vacation? I hope you get to experience cruising like I do.
It is good value for the dollar, you get to see different cities every night; entertainment is usually awesome with comics, dancers, singers, funny skits and outfits, and so many more pleasurable sights.
There are so many fun things you can freely do on a cruise when you embrace the thrill; you can hang on the different deck levels, play in a ping pong tournament, or even choose to learn a foreign language as part of a class.
I have picked out some really fancy things you can get to see and engage in on your next cruise.

Crystal Espirits’ Submarine trip

You’re back to work after vacation and your co-worker asks you “what did you do on vacation?” and your reply is “nothing much, I only explored the ocean 300 feet deep in a three seat submarine.” wow so cool… right? The only thing sweeter than the story is the once in a lifetime experience itself. You’ll get the chance on Crystal Espirit’s luxury yacht. At $595 per individual, it might be expensive but the sight of tropical life among the reefs in faraway Islands is totally worth it. Scenic Eclipse too has a seven seat U-boat Worx Cruise Submarine which it launched in 2018 and on it guests can also have an awe inspiring adventure of the marine world.

Splash splash on a cruise ship

Mega cruise ships like Norwegian and Carnival have some serious water parks with a couple of side attractions such as water cannons, waterslides and designated splash zones. The Norwegian “free fall” sets you up for a 5 story fall after launching you through a trap door, while Carnival vista’s kaleid-o-slide features 455ft of twists, turns and visual effects.

Air Biking

The “Skyride” is a popular feature of the Carnival vista and the Carnival horizon. It involves getting strapped-in tight to a suspended recumbent bike pod 150 feet above deck and pedaling your way through a 2-lane course. You can choose to pedal at your pace or race another bike pod, at the same time taking in a breathtaking 360 degree view of the ocean. Cool stuff if you’re not scared of heights.

Star attractions

On sea you can also get to see stars just as much as on land. Imagine sailing with your favorite singer, comedian or athlete. Getting up close and personal, it may sound a little too good to be true but it is really common for cruises to team up with big names and offer special cruising for devoted cruisers.

Ice skating

The Royal Caribbean Oasis, Freedom and Voyager-class ships has ice skating rings on board that are never affected by weather conditions. There are skating sessions for both pros and novices, so pros don’t have to worry about not showing off that double axel without necessarily using a slower skater.

Play on a gyroscopically controlled pool table

Sinking 8 balls requires maximum stability of the player and the table. Believe me it is not a mind trick of any sort that you get to successfully play pool onboard the Royal Caribbean Radiance-class ships even when the table is being massively influenced by sea waves. It mirrors an optical illusion with the table swaying from side to side and the ball still firm on the table. It is apparently, a self-leveling pool table controlled by a gyroscope so that the ball doesn’t slide on its own. Fun stuff, at no additional costs, you should definitely see for yourself.

Go Bowling

For bowling fans or guests who just want to try it out, Norwegian cruiselines like Norwegian Breakaway, Norwegian Epic, Getaway and Norwegian Pearl have alleys on which you can knock down pins. On MSC ships too, you can have some fun bowling – no guarantee you will improve your skills on this alley – if you’re poor, you’d remain so… ouch. It’s just for the fun.


The only cruise ship in North America with a go-kart course is the Norwegian Bliss. The course serves 30mph max drive where drivers can navigate a 2-level track, more than a dozen stories high above sea level. On this course, you can purchase a single ride or save extra costs with weekly passes, with this you’ll be allowed passage through a special line.

Zip line

Don’t say no to the thrill if you will, and zoom across the 82 foot long line on the Oasis of the seas and the Allure of the seas. You can also catch the thrill at the sport complex of Norwegian Breakaway ships, where you can find over 30 other fun activities.

While partaking in any of these activities, following safety instructions and briefings should be first order. Cruise ships can be very engaging and fun packed but also accident prone if instructions are not adhered to. There have been cases of accidents and lawsuits, and there will always be due to human error, but it shouldn’t take the fun away from cruising. Try out any of these fun activities on your next cruising around the world and thank me later.


I have been passionate about cruising for many years. My first cruise was a Royal Caribbean on Liberty of the Seas. Many others have followed since then, now also with our children. Cruiselines I traveled with entail Royal Caribbean, Costa Crociere, MSC, Mein Schiff (tui cruises) and Norwegian Cruise Line as well as a one-week river cruise from St. Petersburg to Vologda and back in Russia. Hope you enjoy this blog and get some practical hints! Feel free to leave any comments and contact me. Keep on cruising! Markus

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