Advantages and disadvantages of a cruise

Advantages and disadvantages of a cruise

You are looking forward to preparing summer vacations, but the truth is that you do not finish clarifying your ideas, cruise, yes or no?

Cruises are an excellent option when it comes to taking advantage of our vacation days. However, as with any trip, it also has disadvantages. Thus, today we want to make an authentic x-ray of this experience, showing you what are, in our view, the advantages and disadvantages of a cruise.

Advantages of traveling by cruise

If we focus on the advantages, the greatest of them, without a doubt, is to be able to visit several destinations at once , including several countries. It all depends on the route and the time you have, but there are even trips all over the world. Long journeys that will allow you to know an impressive variety of locations across the planet.

There are many possibilities when leaving from different cities. If you live indoors, you can choose the nearest port; and is that the shipping companies organize many outings in different coastal cities of the world.

Another of the great advantages of cruises is that it is a great way to travel in large groups: Independence in the cabins but the possibility of living together in the common areas or in the different excursions.

On these cruises there are sailing days, but far from getting bored it will be a very fun experience; and is that the shipping companies take great care of this on board activities . In addition to the pool, you can practice sports in the gym or go to the spa. There are boats that even have climbing walls, skating rinks, games room, casinos and the relevant night shows. Yes, you have boats that have theaters that have nothing to envy to those of Broadway.

Another great advantage is that most shipping companies offer an all-inclusive . With this we will forget about breakfast, lunch and dinner. While it is true that there are specialty restaurants, and that are paid with a supplement, there are shipping companies that even include special packages (gastronomic) so that each night you try a different one.

On a cruise you can travel alone without problem because on board you will have the possibility to meet a lot of people , not only from your city, but also from different ones. A mix of cultures from around the world that will allow you to strengthen new ties and expand your contact list.

Some disadvantages

Yes, the advantages are clear, but are there disadvantages? Some are there. For example, you have to be objective and see that the scales would stay small in time to get to know a city in depth . For this reason, when we travel by cruise, we have to know exactly what we want to see. With the time of each scale we will be able to access a limited number of places to see. Also, remember that the boat does not wait, they are punctual. If you decide to visit the cities for yourself, you will always have to be on time or they will leave without you. This will not happen if you travel with boat excursions, as they are responsible for delays.

Dizziness. Yes, the new generation boats have stabilizers, so getting dizzy is more complicated, even then it is not impossible . Therefore, if you are a person who suffers from dizziness or dizziness , better think twice. It would not be very comfortable to spend half the trip dizzy and in the cabin without being able to do anything.

However large the ship may be, depending on the area we travel through, if there is a storm it will move. It is an unpleasant sensation, although you have to know that the boats are quite safe. Even so, if you are one of the people who get scared of storms, always choose quiet areas.

Not all cruises offer all-inclusive drinks . Always inform yourself before leaving, because with this you can go more budget than we imagined or than we had stipulated for our trip.

Finally, you should also know that, in specialty restaurants, with a la carte food, you must be at a stipulated time . It is true that many shipping companies give more wide sleeves in this aspect, but as always, it is best to find out who we are traveling with and what their policies are.

As you can see, the advantages far outweigh the inconveniences, so what are you waiting for?


I have been passionate about cruising for many years. My first cruise was a Royal Caribbean on Liberty of the Seas. Many others have followed since then, now also with our children. Cruiselines I traveled with entail Royal Caribbean, Costa Crociere, MSC, Mein Schiff (tui cruises) and Norwegian Cruise Line as well as a one-week river cruise from St. Petersburg to Vologda and back in Russia. Hope you enjoy this blog and get some practical hints! Feel free to leave any comments and contact me. Keep on cruising! Markus

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