How to choose the perfect honeymoon cruise

How to choose the perfect honeymoon cruise

Not long ago we talked about the magnificent opportunity that represents the honeymoon to make a couple cruise , but we believe it is convenient, in addition to knowing its advantages, to follow a series of tips that will make that moment as ideal as possible .

It seems that cruises have sneaked into the world of weddings; And, in addition to weddings on the high seas , many newly married couples choose to make honeymoon cruises . Why choose a single destination when you can choose several? Now, when choosing a Honeymoon cruise there are always aspects that you should keep in mind. Details that will make your journey more relaxed and quiet and that you have everything you need for an unforgettable route.

Tips for your honeymoon on the cruise

Choose the time of the trip and the place of the crossing

Taking into account that the months of April and May are usually the favorites in that of weddings, it is not surprising that many companies already focus on this type of tourism. Thus, cruises that depart during these dates usually prepare special events for newly married couples , as well as specific packages for them. Private parties, receptions and even dinners or games. An opportunity to meet other people in your same situation.

There are people who like this type of travel and interact with other newlyweds. However, there are also people who do not feel comfortable with it and prefer to go their way, enjoying the experience with their partner. For this, in addition to the dates chosen (months like March or June could be perfect) the routes are also determining. The most frequented and demanded are those that go through the Mediterranean . Thus, a good option, with less saturation, could be the routes through the Norwegian fjords , in some smaller company, or opt for a river cruise , normally much quieter than the large ships.

It should be noted that shipping companies are also aware that there are couples who opt for more exotic trips on their honeymoon, so it will not be difficult to find good options in places like Polynesia or the Caribbean . However, in these cases you should keep in mind that the same dates are not for April or May, because the season in these places usually changes.

Time to book the trip

Travel booking time is essential in these cases. While cabins can be booked without any problem at any last holiday cruise, a Honeymoon has to be planned in time. It is advisable to reserve it months in advance in order to guarantee the exact date, in addition to having more cabin options; And it is that, the bride and groom, you might like to pamper yourself and choose a beautiful suite or a cabin with balcony.

Bet on Honeymoon packages

For those who do not want to leave any details per program, the Honeymoon packagesare very, very interesting. Companies usually offer them with certain services, such as flowers, champagnes, romantic breakfasts in bed, special dinners, couples massages, special cabin decoration, a day at the spa, photography session on the decks and a long etcetera. The prices of these packages can vary greatly depending on the company, in addition, there are times that, if we think about it, it is worth investing that money in other activities such as excursions. However, a matter of taste, it is always a good option to inform and choose with all the information in front.

Be careful with the documentation

When traveling to hotels on a honeymoon, normally, the couple usually have some extra privileges. On a cruise the same thing happens. However, in most shipping companies they will ask for the marriage registration document to be able to access them, therefore, in addition to passports or identity documents, do not forget to put this paper in the suitcase.


I have been passionate about cruising for many years. My first cruise was a Royal Caribbean on Liberty of the Seas. Many others have followed since then, now also with our children. Cruiselines I traveled with entail Royal Caribbean, Costa Crociere, MSC, Mein Schiff (tui cruises) and Norwegian Cruise Line as well as a one-week river cruise from St. Petersburg to Vologda and back in Russia. Hope you enjoy this blog and get some practical hints! Feel free to leave any comments and contact me. Keep on cruising! Markus

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