Promising Affordable Vacation Ports

Promising Affordable Vacation Ports

It is no news that most of us are stuck in our mundane jobs. What keeps us sane during our daily 9 to 5 job is that vacation we look forward to. However, not all of us have the luxury to spend a bomb on it. We save little by little only to spend it all in just a matter of days for that one dream vacation, where the sea is at our feet and the wind is in our hair. What if I tell you that you can have that picturesque vacation and also not burn a hole in your pocket? Here are the five most affordable and picturesque ports that will take your breath away instead of your entire monthly salary.


A popular affordable vacation destination among Americans, Koreans, Japanese, Europeans is Puerto Galera located in the Philippines is a treat for your eyes and peace for your soul. The island was established as early as the 1570s and has a rich history. It was one of the busiest ports of the time. The town was named after Spanish words meaning “galleon’s port”. It is now famous for its astounding white beach which offers you all in a single platter. From live bands at night to dancing under the stars to rich authentic food, just meters away from you. You’ll have Instagram worthy sunset at Aninuan beach that would put any Hollywood movie sunset to shame. The port also offers activities such as island hopping, snorkelling, underwater cave diving, etc. to make your stay adventurous and memorable.


The fun in exploring new places which have not yet been explored by others is incomparable to going to places where almost everyone has been. Such an experience is offered by The Andaman Islands in the Bay of Bengal. It comprises over 300 islands among which some are even off-limits for visitors as they are inhabited by tribes untouched by today’s tech-savvy world. The set of islands has everything; white-sand beaches with little to no crowd, mangroves, tropical rainforests, and coral reefs. With such diversity, the experience one can get is beyond.

The islands offer several activities that can fit any budget easily. You can have a snorkeling experience for a pennyworth, deep-sea diving at North Bay Island, and also become a certified scuba diver. The place is also filled with many sightseeing areas such as Japanese temples, British era cellular prisons, limestone caves, old churches, mud volcanoes; to name a few. However, the cherry on top is the Elephant beach where you get to swim with elephants by your side; finishing off your visit with a bang.


Another jewel of the Philippines is Siargao, often known as The Paris of East. The island is best known for its surfing experience, among which, Cloud9 stands tall and high. There are several rock pools and cave pools that have crystal clear water which will be enough to bowl you over with the marvel of Siargao. One can also not miss the Sugba lagoon which offers its travelers a chilling zone, the Tak Tak waterfalls and the luminescent aka Hagukan cave which is one of the best spots of the island.



Situated in the Indian Ocean is a country with over 1200 islands, ideal for a vacation destination. Contrary to many beliefs, Maldives can be inexpensive if you choose wisely (which does not mean you will have to compromise with your comfort in any way). The luxury hotels and other activities have a variety of costings to choose from. The place is ideal for honeymooners as it offers visitors several activities ranging from laying on the beach to surfing. Activities like underwater diving, underwater dining and spa experience are primary for the romantic getaway. You can also swim with turtles, snorkel, enjoy the buzzing nightlife, interact with the locals and indulge in their pristine culture, explore the desert islands literally in the middle of nowhere. The Maldives sure would keep you busy and wanting for more. 



I have been passionate about cruising for many years. My first cruise was a Royal Caribbean on Liberty of the Seas. Many others have followed since then, now also with our children. Cruiselines I traveled with entail Royal Caribbean, Costa Crociere, MSC, Mein Schiff (tui cruises) and Norwegian Cruise Line as well as a one-week river cruise from St. Petersburg to Vologda and back in Russia. Hope you enjoy this blog and get some practical hints! Feel free to leave any comments and contact me. Keep on cruising! Markus

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